Edu+Job live events will take place in 2022.

Edu+Job is an education and recruitment event for people of all ages and in all life stages who are interested in these topics. The event brings together those seeking and providing education and jobs, giving all participants an excellent opportunity to network efficiently.

At the event future experts will find great career opportunities, while educational institutions are enrolling new students for the next terms.
The possibilities are endless when Edu+Job opens its doors.

In cooperation:

For you who are

• looking for a job or summer job
• planning your career path and looking for a place to study
• looking for an employer for your thesis
• interested in an apprenticeship or becoming an entrepreneur

• considering a career change
• a custodian who wishes to encourage youngsters
• a teacher, student counsellor or otherwise interested in the event


At the Edu+Job event you can seek guidance and information on employment and study opportunities in person!